The Faculty of Sport is providing education for sport specialists in the field of competitive sports and training of sportspeople male and female ­ of all age groups in 54 sports disciplines: acrobatics, badminton, basketball, baseball, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, rowing, track and field athletics, judo, canoe-kayak, karate-do, kick-boxing, cycling, riding, bodybuilding, curling, swimming, rugby, sambo, triathlon, skiing, snowboard, sports gymnastics, sports shooting, sports dances, sumo, taekuon-do, tennis, table tennis, tourism and mountain climbing, tourism with orientation activities, fencing, football, handball, ice hockey, grass hockey, artistic gymnastics, chess, auto-moto, figure skating, short track etc.



The Faculty of Pedagogy has been the core of the National Sports Academy since its establishing in 1942 (then Higher Institute for Physical Culture). During all this long period of time the Faculty of Pedagogy (Physical Education) proves its important role in the system of the higher education in Bulgaria.

Following its academic scope with its traditional and modern programs the Faculty plays the role of a national scientific center in the field of physical education, sport and recreation. So, logical is its highest evaluation received in the program accreditation held by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

Graduation from the Faculty of Pedagogy provides professional qualification “Teacher in physical education”. Using modules of general preparation, students have the opportunity to obtain an additional qualification along with their major – “Coach in sport” or “Sport manager”. During their studies the graduates of the Faculty can also specialize their initial qualification in post-graduate programs.

After graduation the students of the Faculty of Pedagogy at the National Sports Academy can find employment as:

  • Teachers in physical education in all levels of the system of secondary education
  • Teachers in higher schools and university colleges
  • Teachers and instructors at sport clubs, school sport clubs, fitness centers
  • Promoters and organizers of out-of-class sport activities for children and youths
  • Experts in state and non-governmental institutions
  • Expert in the system of the Ministry of Interior and Bulgarian army



The Faculty is a Member of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education and a partner of respected European universities different European projects.


The 4-year BSc university degree program in Physiotherapy (240 ECTS credits) is designed in five blocks of subjects/courses/modules:

  • BEHAVIOURAL and PHYSICAL EDUCATION SUBJECTS ­ provide the necessary background to understand human behavior (in health and disease); physical exercise and sport activities as a locomotory and psychosocial behavior and related pedagogical  and psychological  problems (in healthy people, patients, disabled); organization and evaluation of scientific research & medical statistics.
  • BASIC BIOLOGICAL and MEDICAL SUBJECTS ­ provide the necessary background for understanding the human body structure and function, also related to movements, physical exercise and sports, their benefits and jeopardy.
  • SPECIAL SUBJECTS ­ integrate knowledge on pathological processes and the impairment of function with the total holistic approach and in particular with the physiotherapy.
  • OPTIONAL SUBJECTS ­ provide possibilities for the student to satisfy his/her personal interests in the area of basic and special subjects.
  • SPECIALIZED PRACTICE ­ provides the student with the opportunity to integrate theoretical studies with supervised clinical practice (over 1500h part-time and full-time), also for clinical research required for course works and graduation thesis.