The National Sports Academy (NSA) is a specialized higher education institution in the Bulgarian university system with more than 70 years of history. NSA is the only university fully specialized in sports science in Bulgaria and one of the few sports universities in Europe. The higher school has achieved highest score of the accreditation by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of the Republic of Bulgaria and holds the leading position in the field.

The Academy organizes educational programs in the field of sports and sports-related activities at Bachelor, Master and Doctor’s degree. Scientific activities are carried out by the Center for scientific and applied activities in sport and at the main research units in the structure of the Academy – the departments. Students are enabled to participate in teams for project activities, as well as for inclusion in the clubs of the academy which cover 42 sports, develop active athletes and work with children and youth.

Dormitories, recreation and nutrition places, a medical care center and a service for career guidance and counseling are available to NSA students.

Education at all levels is consistent with the qualifications framework for higher education in the European Higher Education Area. Full compliance of the educational process at NSA with the criteria of the Bolongna process ranks NSA among European universities with transparent and comprehensible qualifications, easy recognition of diplomas on the labor market and in continuing education, good student mobility and opportunity of combining national and international characteristics during the study process.