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Grading Scale

Grading Scale in Bulgarian high education institutions (universities, colleges and high schools)  is  based on the following grades of  five numbers  as 6  is being the highest possible mark students can get.

Numeric Value *Numeric Value **Transliteration
65.50–6.00ExcellentОтличен92–100%  ABest possible grade
54.50–5.49Very GoodМного добър75–91%    BNext highest
43.50–4.49GoodДобър59–74%    CAverage performance
33.00–3.49SatisfactoryСреден50–58%    DLowest passing
22.00–2.99FailedСлаб0–49%       FFailing grade
passedZachita se/ VzelSuccessfully passed

*:  grading scale
**: grading scale used for examinations and test

The minimum is 2.00; grades below 3.00 are failing grades, and the maximum is 6.00.

Grades like “Very Good” (5- ) and “Average” (3+) are also possible – these are ignored in calculations of Grade Point Average (GPA).
Roughly, the Bulgarian grade system can be equated to the American one as the following: 6=A, 5=B, 4=C, 3=D, and 2=F. Also, in accordance with the Australian system, 6=HD, 5=D, 4=Cr, 3=P, and 2=F

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