„Movement Valorize Europe. New Competence for Trainers“



MOVE- Movement Valorize Europe- New skills for trainers comes from the awareness that amateur sport is an increasingly important economic sector in Europe and training of operators active in this field could be strategic.

Sport professionals are crucial for issues as psychophysical wellbeing of the population and social inclusion, thus almost representing a sort of “hinge” between educational, health and social systems.

The main objective of MOVE is that of designing, through a process of research and analysis, Competence Learning Units in order to strengthen strategic and cross-sectional competence dimensions (as the relational, multicultural, that of empowerment and resilience, etc.) of the different professional figures (instructors, teachers, trainers, sports managers, operators, etc.) regardless of their specific sport discipline.

 For this reason MOVE has built a partnership (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland) between national sports associations, universities and VET providers, thus including various approaches and experiences.

The main objectives of MOVE activities are:

 to qualify the training offer for sport operators  introducing the theme of competences;

 to improve the ability of professionals to appreciate the needs of the people they work with

 to enhance the potential of the sport sector to influence the wellness of people

 to contribute to the acknowledgment of titles and qualifications in Europe and increase trust between the different systems.

The added value of the partnership is given by the fact that sports associations are at same time locally rooted, very important in terms of employment and also act as training agencies.

This is why MOVE will be able to involve in its activities 300 professionals and 600 people, with a special  attention to those under 29  and over 55 years of age.  These are the two main target groups that will be involved through interviews, questionnaires and focus groups in the activities for building and evaluating the Output.

The main activities will be developed following a stepwise approach.  A first step will be gathering the needs for training and competences through sport operators in the four national contexts.  This step will produce a report: European Competences Activation.  Strategic role of sport professionals in the processes of social inclusion.

A second output, MOVE Competence Learning Units, will be made with the collection of the views of the people already  involved in sports (that is, that do sport activity) and the views of people that represent a potential target to be reached and that are not yet involved in any sport activity.  Through such contributions a first draft will be made in which the gathered area of competences will be presented organized according to a model of training, supported by tools and methodologies.

 All partner countries will be involved in the plan of Competence Learning Units in order to make the project work a concrete moment of learning for each team and in order to strengthen their ability to use them in their daily life.

The next Output, MOVE CLUs Methodology Users Guide, will be built on the results deriving from testing the CLUs in the various national systems.  The results, comments and feedback from participants will help to make the final model, the set of tools connected to the training and methodological notes.  This output will contain all the notes and  operative tools to transfer MOVE CLUs into other contexts, countries and situations.

For this aim, a proper communication will be given the due attention; communication has to be suited also for trainers who are not familiars with learning skills.  The exchange, comparison and co-assessment with stakeholders at the national level in each of the partner countries complete the ability to MOVE to realize  Competence Learning Units that are innovative, effective and transferable.

MOVE aims at achieving outcomes that can contribute to increase the value of VET tools in Europe; for achieving these outcomes, MOVE can rely on the impact power of its partnership which comprises an important number of people (sport associations and universities) also outside national borders; in addition,  the networks of the partnership are capable of disseminating and promoting the MOVE CLUs at European level.

To support the project, a web platform will be set  up; this will help interacting with the different targets during MOVE life-cycle, and it will continue to multiply and spread outputs over the long term, going on to keep alive the debate about the topic of training between all partners and stakeholders involved.


1. Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale – Italy

2.  National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” – Bulgaria

3.  L’Università degli studi Roma Tre – Italy

4. A.S.P. PROMITHEAS – Greece

5. People s.r.l. – Italy

6. A. S. Z. University Sports Association – Poland

For more information:

National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”

Center for International and Project Activities

tel: +359 2 400 7517


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