National Sport Academy on a meeting at the Netherlands Olympic Committee for the S2A project

An S2A Sport meeting was held on the 7th and 8th of February. It was hosted by the Netherlands organization of the sport employers – WOS, who managed to provide the possibility for the meetings to be held at the NOC building in Papendal – the largest sport preparation centre of the country, just outside the city of Arnhem. The academy was represented by associated professor Ivan Slavchev, PhD.


The S2A Sport project is aimed at the analysis of the “Sport Administration” and the people, that are engaged and provide the duties that it encompasses. The aim is to create a program, that will provide the needed tools for training the skills and knowledge for the middle level management in sport. The partners of the project are representatives of  12 European countries, and 4 of them are international organizations in all levels of sport. More information on the project you can get on its website:


At the meeting the contents of the “Functional Map” were signed off. It is a document that describe the different duties and activities, included in the Sport Administration and their classification. It is the foundation of the development of “Competence Framework” – a detailed description of the standards for the necessary skills and knowledge in order to fulfil the functions of the Sport Administration. The work on it is already in a final stage and allows for the beginning of the work on the “Handbook and Training Programme”. Besides the first discussion on the Handbook, the second day also included talks on the pilot training on the developed standards and programme, that is planned to be presented in Vierumaki, Finland in September this year.

The next meeting on the project is planned for Sofia, as the host will be the National Sport Academy.








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